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If I had a leak or burst after the water has gone through the meter, would I have to pay for the water that has been wasted?

When you have a meter, we charge you for all the water that passes through it. However, if you are a household customer and have a burst pipe we may be able to give you an allowance to cover some or all of the water lost.

Unfortunately, allowances are only given for underground leaks. We can’t allow for internal leaks, dripping taps or cistern overflows. These are your responsibility to repair and we’ll have to charge you for water wasted in these circumstances.

Where the leak is from an underground pipe we’ll refund the cost of any water lost from the leak, as long as it is the first burst that has occurred and it is repaired within two weeks of discovering it. We may also give an allowance against wastewater charges. If there are any further leaks, unfortunately we’ll have to charge you for them.

Its important to remember that you’re responsible for maintaining all pipework within the boundary of your property, including the underground pipe and all internal pipework whether you have a meter or not.